Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas and Family Photo

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Our holidays begin tomorrow.  AS hubby finishes work today and since we homeschool and Dady working we decided that we go righ up till today . That way we will hopefuly work towards being done earlier when the weather is warmer.  We have done now a whole half years worth of school.  So here is the family photo that was taken in the forset at my parents at thanksgiving.Being Canadian we have thanksgiving in October.
  The one that i told you that was low resoultion so we couldn't print to make a photo card.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Card Carousel 2010

I'm linking up with Faith at  My orginal plan was to put our family photo on the front, or do a photo card but it turns out that when the picture along with many others the camera was on the wrong setting so it was in a low resoultion.  So this is what I came up with.  Its not what I had planned our imagined but I'm very happy with the way that our christmas card turned out.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

State of Emergancy Where I live.

After snow and much wind and blowing since Sunday they have called a state of emergancy where I live. They have brought in the miltary to see what they can do. The freeways are closed many have been stranded there, and others have been taking shelter at truck stops and local Tim Horton's and then being bused to halls that have opened up as shelters.  Friends that live near by have also taken stranded people in.

I know that these pics are from 2007 but that is pretty much what it looks like outside and its cold and when we are being advised to stay home , i think its best that I stay inside where its warm with my 3 little kids.  Thankfully we haven't lost are power and that hubby has been able to get home from work. 

It certainly is a winter wonderland out there.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Why I choose Apples of gold in settings of silver

Welcome to my blog.  I been reading blogs now for atleast 2 years and for the longest time have thought about starting a blog.  After thinking about it for sometime I finally came up with a name and started a blog.  I have always enjoyed journalling and writting .  But since becoming a mother I have found it hard to do this.  But I figure since I spend time reading blogs, I might as well start one and be writting one as I read others. I figured that this will also be a great way to keep a journal at the same time.

Being a pefectionist I had to make sure that my blog name had a catchy name with a ring to it.  I had serveral names from princess Dairies , reflections, white as snow, silver reflections.

The winner was Apples of Gold in Settings of Silver. From Proverbs 25:11.
The reason that I choose that name is because I believe that it best reflects me and the colours that I love. As the theme in my kitchen is apples and is painted green and my dining room and living room  is a reddish colour with silver accents.  When we got engaged and married our  rings where silver and our wedding colours where also a reddish colour with sliver accents.

When thinking of a blog I wanted my blog to ultimately give honour and glory to God.  So I searched the Bible to see how I could use the words silver and red and green and I came across Proverbs 25:11. At the same time to me it had a sweet smelling ring to it.

Being a perfectist i'm still looking for the perfect blog design with out having to pay for it.  Any help is welcomed

In Proverbs 25:11  apples are refered to a decorative motif of jewerly, similar to the familiar "proerganate pattern(ex 39:24-25; 1 Kings 7:18). The image represents godly speech (a word fitly spoken. A  wise reprover to a listening ear ( Prov 9:8b-p) is like gold jewerly, that is stunningly beautiful and valuable. Taken from the ESV Bible concordance.

Lord, I pray that this blog will be a blog that is fitly spoken and may those who read this be a listening ear especailly when I know there may be time I need to vent.  But may it be stunningly beautiful and vaulable to all those who read it.