Tuesday, December 14, 2010

State of Emergancy Where I live.

After snow and much wind and blowing since Sunday they have called a state of emergancy where I live. They have brought in the miltary to see what they can do. The freeways are closed many have been stranded there, and others have been taking shelter at truck stops and local Tim Horton's and then being bused to halls that have opened up as shelters.  Friends that live near by have also taken stranded people in.

I know that these pics are from 2007 but that is pretty much what it looks like outside and its cold and when we are being advised to stay home , i think its best that I stay inside where its warm with my 3 little kids.  Thankfully we haven't lost are power and that hubby has been able to get home from work. 

It certainly is a winter wonderland out there.

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  1. Hello Sara,
    It's nice to meet you! Thank you for the kind invite to visit your new blog. Love the name too! I appreciate that you have been reading mine for a long time. How sweet of you. Welcome to blogging! You will enjoy it very much I'm quite sure if it. It's wonderful to share inspiration and meet new blog friends.

    Wow! Stay safe and warm. Brrr....:)

    Have a good evening. ~Melissa :)