Sunday, January 16, 2011

O where O where Have I Been?

First of all Happy New year.  Glad to heaer that you all had a great christmas.  We had a wonderful and relaxing christmas.  We pretty much stayed at home.  It was a lovely time .  Watching the kids play with there new stuff and having hubby home.  It totally beats the craziness that christmas can be.  We already talked that we enjoyed it so much that lets do it a gain this year. Let me explain.  We took a break from going to all the extended family things.  More so mine.  Just way too many people and kids and being in a shop or a hall isn't alot of fun .  It was nice to just be a family and not losing to much of the kids schedules .  My in laws all came here for christmas.  After the holidays where done I do admit after being so laid back and hanging it made it hard to get back into the rotinue of things like homeschooling as well as saying goodbye to the hubby.

WE rang the new years at home just as a family and the next day celebrated with friends before they left for the honeymoon.  They got married in June .  It was such a gorgeous ceremony.  Hubby was the best man.  But they decided that they where going to take there honeymoon in January when it was cold.  This couple has blessed us in many of ways and the kids have really gotten to love them.  Each year they throw a big Canada Day celbration at there house.  The parade goes by there place. 

On the 5th my baby turned 2 so hard to believe .  Where does time go.  Kind of sad. 

My oldest is growing up as well in the last 2 weeks she has lost her 2 bottom front teeth.  Seems like yesterday she was only getting them.

I want to start organzing and so forth but just haven't gotten around to it.  When I get the chance I will post some pics.  Yesterday we spent the day making and freezing meals.  AS dear hubby is an accountant and soon will be busy with tax season.  Not or favourite part of the year by any means.

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