Saturday, April 2, 2011

Show us your life Tell us about your Church

So I'm Linking up with Kelly's Koner who is doing Show me your fridays.

  I don't usually take part in this but this week I wanted too and had the time to do it.  This week Kelly is doing show me your Chruch.  I'm not actually showing you the Chruch that we attend now.  But want to show you the chruch where I was married in and was a active member and where I spent my years as a youth and early adult.  I think it was around when i was in grade 8 when my parents made the decision that we where going to switch churches.  Not only to be together as a family.  As my brother was already attending the Chruch but so we as a family could grow spiritullay.  Dresden Community Chruch also had a great youth group. We quickly got involved in the chruch with the youth group and praise choir and Sunday School ect.  We had a great youth pastor growing up who had a great impact on my life which lead me to making a real commitment and dedication to giving my life to the Lord.  The same year I had the opportunity or going on youth retreats and mission trip and had the best time of my life. At this chruch I made some really great friends and people who continue to play an important part in my life spirtually and bring healing in my life .  I never meet so many people that where so loving and kind and full of encouragement.  Which really helped when I went away for 6 months on missions.  they blessed me in so many ways .  I espically loved the mix and mingle time that we had each week in the fellowship hall .  On July 13,2002 me and my hubby where married in this chruch.   I miss this chruch so much and it will always be my home chruch in my heart.  Each time we do go back for a visit they are so welcoming and its like I never left.  Now of course they get to see my kids growing up. To read more about this Church you can go to

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