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Friday, March 16, 2012


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this is a book that i truely would love to win and read as i know that i can realate to and would learn lots and benefit  from

“He Heard Hannah” Book Review & {Giveaway}

I was honor when Comfort Publishing's contacted me to read and review a book by Lynnette Kraft called “He Heard Hannah”. It is filled with personal thoughts and struggles of two families brought together through a grief and loss.

This true story of little Anna brings two families together through events that the Lord had His hands on along.


One of the things that really drew me into this book, is the strength Lynnette got from the Lord in her walk. She not only lost her little Anna, she lost two sons as well. I admire her dearly for the joy she found every single day as she held on to every moment. 

The most amazing thing that this book offers is HOPE and that God will use any means to bring us to Him. Lynnette’s faithfulness to God, He uses it to show others who He is. That’s what happen to Courtney Becker {co-author and a 911 dispatcher who took a fateful call from Lynnette’s husband in 2004}


Lynnette tells her story on the odd pages and Courtney tells his story on the even pages. It is so beautifully  woven together that it will bring you to tears, bring joy and reminds you that God never leaves or forsakes us with the turn of every page. He is always there even through the tears.

This book brought me great comfort knowing that all we must go through to bring even ONE person to Christ, is worth every moment. God loves us SO much that He uses ANY means to show us.

I believe Courtney summed up just what God was doing through this beautiful story:

“Each separate story is a beautiful reflection of a loving God, but this story, the story of two families being woven together in Gods sovereignty, provides an unmistakable glimpse of a perfect God who knows all, sees all and acts with divine purpose on our behalf, even without our awareness!”

Meet the Author:
lynnetteLynnette Kraft adores her husband, cherishes her children and loves her life! She has grieved the death of three of her children and credits the victory of her healing to Jesus Christ. She is passionate about sharing restored joy and enduring hope with those who need it. God has proven to her that when life brings uninvited trials and heartaches, He always has a perfect plan and divine purpose. Lynnette where she encourages readers to live exuberant lives and continue walking with God, no matter what the circumstances. You can also connect with Lynnette through Facebook and Twitter.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

another giveaway

Wednesday, March 7

Seasons of a Mother's Heart by Sally Clarkson | Giveaway

No matter which season of homeschooling you find yourself in, whether you're a rookie or a veteran, Sally Clarkson's Seasons of a Mother's Heart is chock full of encouragement and practical wisdom for every stage of the journey. 

Enter for your chance to win a copy below!

A mother's life is a whirlwind of seasons, changing from one to another without much warning, and then to another the next day. If your heart is prepared, you can adjust to whatever season comes upon you, weathering the changes with grace; if it is not, you will find yourself reeling and twisting in the winds of life, grasping for something or someone to hold onto. But that is the secret to weathering the seasons of life. You need something-God's word, and someone-Jesus Christ, to hold onto. They are what give you the grace to weather the seasons. Nothing else can...Only the revealed truth of God made alive in your heart through the Holy Spirit can. 

--from Seasons of a Mother's Heart

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just wanted to tell you about some very dear friends of ours that we had the privalliage of getting together with last week for Dinner.  Before last week it was 6 months since seeing them last. Part of the reason for that is because they both work shift work and they never seem to have the same shift  so we have to try and work it out for getting together when they both have time off which isn't much. But it was so nice to get together again and have dinner with them and the kids and catch up.

Jay and Jessica mean the world to us and have blessed us in so many ways.  In June of 2010  My husband had the honours and privalliage of being their best man for there wedding.  Even though we all live in the same time they decided to have the wedding out of town at Niagara Falls.  It was like heaven on earth. We had the time of our lives.  Even if I was busy with all 3 kids as hubby was in the wedding.  We counted it a honour even to have been able to take the kids.  If not I would have likely stayed home as it was Father's day weekend as well and would have been hard to find some one and I  was nursing the youngest.  Who wouldn't have stayed with anyone else.

With being the best man comes many things and expenses.  But they blessed us in so many ways like buying my dear hubby a suit and tie and shoes .  So we had no problems paying for the motel where the wedding was which worked well when the kids where tired and hubby had to stay as he was the best man.  We also put what we would have paid otherwise towards there honeymoon.  Along with that they have always paid for our meal even when we ask them not to.  We had them over in the summer for steak and so forth.  As well each year they put on a huge Canada Day Party as the parade goes right past there house and yes t hey pay for it all.  Although myself and others bring stuff to help  out as well.   We love you Jay and Jessica and are so greatful and blessed to call you friends.  My hubby has grew up with Jay and its so neat to see all these years that they are still friends.  You will be able to see from the picture that Jay is a big clown .  Always knows how to enlighten things .

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

won another giveaway

I won my 2nd giveaway scroll down to winnners of the sharing grace cook book by lori rice and look for Saravdt thats me wahoo


OH RooMag friends – do we have a treat for you!!! I am about to announce the 50 winners from our Giveaway Blitz week – please take your time to find your name.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012


Can not believe that 5 years ago today . That we lost my dear mother in law and best freind.  There isn't a day that goes by that we do not think about you or wish you where still here with us.  We miss you and long to see you again.  We know that life would be so much different if you where still here today.  But as hard as it is at times to understand this is the way that God planned for it.  Mind you we have no control over how people act.  But know that if my father in law hadn't re married that he would still be the same person that he was before not only when he was still married but after he was a widower.  I know that God says its not good for a man to be alone.  But at the same time i don't agree that not being there for your own kids or talking to them like before or taking interest in your grandkids is right.  Seems like in any re marriage the kids seem to suffer.  Still better than what my parents ever have done. As I am so thankful even though its been a long time that he is taking the time tonight to babysit for us so we can go and watch couragous at the Chruch.

I can say so much more about how much i miss Marilyn and Nana and know life would be different around here and how much she loved her grandkids and would be overjoyed with 2 grand daughters as she never had  any daughters although she always called us her daughters in love.  Never thought of us as her daughter in laws but her own.  As much as its mostly all men who don't talk about it and move on i wanted to do a post honouring her and remembering her today and how we wish you where still here with us today but know one day as hard as it is espically to explain to 3 little ones and one who knew you real well i glad we have that reassurance and hope a nd glad to know you are know longer in pain and your rejoicing and have a new body.  I still hear your laugh , and see you smile and think of you every time we go to certain places.  You will never be forgotten and will always have a special place in our hearts.  I can still even hear you sing the Irish lullaby.  Everytime i sing it its as if you are singing it.  Happy 5th Heavenly birthday Marilyn and mom and Nana

My absoultely fav picture the day that we finally made you a Nana your dream come true and no one ever lived up to that job or loved it so much then you even if only  for 2 and a half years.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

another giveaway


If you’ve given up on getting your schedule, office or home organized, Glynnis Whitwer’s newest book, I Used to Be So Organized, will help.  In it, Glynnis addresses the frustrations many women feel when they can’t get a handle on their lives.  The truth is, getting organized in today’s reality is like being hired for a job and given no training.  Old ways of organization are ineffective given our world of information overload, increased expectations and technology advances that won’t slow down.  Thankfully, we can learn new ways of managing life.  Glynnis combines encouragement with lots of tips on how to bring peace and order to your life.
You can find more inspiration from Glynnis on her website at
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